About Us


About Us

Miami Beach Bruthaz (MBB) was founded in July 2006 as an annual LGBTQ summer lifestyle event on Miami Beach. While MBB is open to any and all individuals regardless of race, gender, sexual preference or orientation, this event’s beginnings were rooted in raising awareness of the increasing HIV /AIDs rates within minority gay communities.  The goal of Miami Beach Bruthaz is
to build an educational and informative platform for the LGBTQ community to participate in a high-energy, intimate an d interactive  event.

The mission of MBB is to foster an environment of inclusion and provide a platform for LGBTQ communities to come together annually, where the sharing of support, empowerment, and celebration of life is encouraged through a robust set of workshops, themed celebrations, and a group of interactive events across a four-day weekend is the intention. The weekend of events are focused around and embody a central theme: Knowledge, Culture, and Fashion, as such we  host events targeting healthy lifestyle and living, which includes but is not limited to nurturing healthy relationships between families, partners, friends, and community to our professionally, coordinated signature designer men’s wear SOBE fashion show.

MBB partners annually with the local Department of Health (DOH) to present, provide and share information on improving sexual health outcomes and influencing healthy life choices for LGBTQ people.  This information sharing includes unlimited access to safe sex paraphernalia and the awareness of the most recent advancements in preventative and managing care with regard to sexually transmitted diseases and healthy lifestyle choices. MBB is committed to providing a socially safe environment for LGBTQ and LGBTQ-friendly communities to come together annually and celebrate a weekend of Knowledge, Culture, and Fashion.

In addition to the signature Bruthaz SpeakUP event where we engage our patrons in sexual health awareness end education, MBB hosts a variety of other events that attract this audience to South Beach: a Meet and Greet Welcome Party, a Sun and Fun Boat Cruise, our signature Bruthaz SpeakUP session, our signature White Party, our signature South Beach Pool Party and Menswear Fashion Show, our Sanctuary in the Sand beach outing and more.


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