MBB Partners with TYSONPlus to Stream 2 LGBTQ Episodes


MBB Partners with TYSONPlus to Stream 2 LGBTQ Episodes

MBB is working with TYSONPlus this year to stream two new LGBTQ episodes. TYSONPlus is an indie video streaming service that features a diverse collection of shows that tell the stories of those within the LGBT Community, Black Community & More. The first episode we’re showing is called HONEST MEN. Prepare yourself for an open and honest conversation between fathers, their sons, and the boy next door. We meet Colby [King David] who is dealing with the death of his father; returning to his childhood home after four years of being away. And next door lives the infamous Mark [Donta Hensley], a man who is known up and down the block for his temper and violent ways. Then there’s JT [Tripp Ali]. A father who’s allowed the sexual fantasies in his head and taboo nightlife to create distance between him and his son, Jamal.

The second video is from a series called MONSTER. It’s inspired by “true events” – we all have our inner monster. And the shy and awkward Trace can’t seem to shake his social anxiety that has been haunting him. But his world of isolation is altered when he meets Reese – who can be a bit of a big bad wolf. Trace falls hard for the soon to be married Reese in this fairy tale but sometime grim of a relationship between them.

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